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Re-Supply List - Towns and Resources
« on: October 03, 2015, 05:04:59 AM »
The content of this thread has been edited and migrated from this thread in the old PNT forums.

This thread was originally created before the existence of the Pacific Northwest Trail Town Guide by Melanie Simmerman. The purpose of this thread will be limited to the posting of town and re-supply information. Please limit commentary in the thread to only providing clear, concise information. Moderators will be editing posts that do not fit this format.

This information is provided in geographic order from East -> West.


  • Amtrak Station with access to access to Seattle, Spokane, Portland, Chicago.
  • Glacier National Park Ranger station
  • Several Restaurants
  • Post Office
  • Hostels, Backpackers Inn and other Inns
  • Seasonal shuttle bus runs to various Glacier trailheads, including Waterton Township.


  • Polebridge Mercantile: You have the option to buy supplies (they have a new bulk food section as of 2/16) at the Mercantile or accept a package there as well (call the Mercantile and ask about hiker boxes).  Packages left beyond the hiking season will be donated to goodwill.
  • Restaurant/Tavern
  • North Fork Youth Hostel offers rustic showers, rustic telephone, rustic internet, and protection from inclement weather. Affordable and one-of-a-kind.
  • Nothing else. Seriously.

Polebridge Mercantile
265 Polebridge Loop
Polebridge, MT 59928
(406) 888-5105

North Fork Hostel & Inn
80 Beaver Drive
Polebridge, MT 59928
(406) 888 5241

EUREKA, MT, 59917

  • Post Office
  • Two Grocery Stores
  • Campground (park) in town that's $5 a night with shower - inquire at the police station for shower key.
  • Library, Tue-Sat, hotels way north of town (about 2 miles?)
  • Several Inns and Motels

Post office
155 14th St, Eureka, MT
(406) 297-2132

Eureka Hardware store (possible fuel source)
391 U.S. 93 Eureka, Mt 59917
(406) 297-2942

Northwest Sports Center (hunting & fishing store – call on possible fuel and gear)
442 U.S. 93 Eureka, Mt 59917
(406) 297-0888

YAAK, MT, 59935

  • NO Post Office
  • Dirty Shame Saloon and cabins are CLOSED
  • Yaak Mercantile is open and can hold packages – call first. Very limited resupply selection.
  • The Sullivan's are willing to hold packages north of Yaak. They are only a mile off route. Call first. The phone number is in Tim's Digest, Chapter 14. The Sullivan's can give you GPS coordinates to their place.

Yaak Mercantile
29238 Yaak River Rd Troy, Mt 59935
(406) 295-5159


Good size town about 15 miles south of the trail on Hwy 95 ID.
  • Post office
  • Grocery Stores
  • Free cold showers at the free public pool
  • Many hikers have camped at the baseball fields across the river from downtown. Ask at the Police Station for permission first.
  • Many inns and hotels
  • Gas stations and Hardware stores


  • Very small general store with RV or tent camping.
  • Showers
  • They have been known to hold packages for hikers. Call ahead.


  • Post Office
  • Grocery
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Hardware Store

Post Office
224 E 5th Ave, Metaline Falls, WA
(509) 446-2425

The Washington Hotel
225 E 5th Ave
Metaline Falls, Washington 99153
(509) 446-4415

Falls Market
204 E 5th Ave Metaline Falls, WA 99153
(509) 446-2424

The trail and bridge across the Columbia River go directly through this small town.

  • Post Office
  • Restaurants, bars
  • Grocery
  • Small Library with internet access (Limited hours)
  • Past hikers have respectfully camped at the city park overlooking the river.

Post Office
409 Center Ave, Northport, WA 99157
(509) 732-6660

521 Center Avenue
Northport, WA 99157
(509) 732-8928

Tony's Market (Grocery store)
420 Center Ave Northport, WA 99157
(509) 732-6656

Northport Hardware
118 Center Ave Northport, WA 99157
(509) 732-8955

Gas station / mini mart
208 Center Ave Northport, WA 99157
(509) 732-4495

ORIENT, WA, 99160
Very small outpost about 5 miles south of the trail on Hwy 395 WA

  • Restaurant
  • Small Market
  • Past hikers have respectfully camped at the city park

People Place (Grocery store)
365 Main Street
Orient, WA 99160
(509) 684-5644

A moderate hitch into town. Can be reached from the East, South, or West depending on which road you hitch on.

  • Post Office
  • Grocery
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Library open Monday through Saturday

This is a possible mail drop location, with restaurant and small general store.  Call before mailing packages to the resort. Camping access on lakeside nearby.

Bonaparte Lake Resort
615 Bonaparte Lake Rd
Tonasket, WA, 98855
(509) 486-2828

The PNT goes directly through the middle of this medium sized town.

  • Post Office
  • Two grocery stores
  • Several gas stations and mini marts
  • Laundry
  • Restaurants
  • Library
  • Motel
  • There is a state park only 0.5 miles from town with camping and showers

Post Office
1234 Ironwood St, Oroville, WA 98844
(509) 476-2393

Prince's Ace Hardware (rumored to be closing 2016, call first)
1000 23rd Ave Oroville, WA 98844
(509) 476-3651

Frontier Foods (Grocery store)
1204 Main St Oroville, WA 98844
(509) 476-9128

Gold Digger Apples Inc (Produce Market) (filed for bankruptcy 2016 - call first)
955 Kernan Rd Oroville, WA 98844
(509) 476-3646

Camaray Motel
1320 Main St Oroville, WA 98844
(509) 476-3684

LOOMIS, WA, 98827
Very small outpost, about two miles off the trail. Last post office before entering the Pasayten Wilderness.

  • Post Office with limited hours
  • Tavern
  • Very small market


Very remote. No road access – hike in or take a water taxi. Don't expect any mail to move quickly in/out of here. Electricity and cold beverages.

Mail to Ross Lake Resort first arrives in Rockport, WA (40 miles away), is transported by a third party to Diablo Lake, put on a ferry, then truck, then boat before arriving at the resort.

There is a $20 cash handling/storage fee due at pickup.  Packages can be no larger than 15" x 15" x 12" (38cm x 38cm x 30.5cm). Maximum weight is 15 pounds (6.8 kilo). Only one box per person. Ship via US Postal Service only to:
Your Name, PNT HIKER
c/o Ross Lake Resort
503 Diablo Street
Rockport, WA  98283

Clearly mark box with your name and estimated date of arrival at Ross Lake Resort.  Ross Lake Resort is open from 8am to 8pm seven days a week from the second week in June until October 31.

If you do not pick up the box within 30 days of the date marked on your box, Ross Lake Resort will distribute contents at its discretion.  Should you want the box returned, you will pay an appreciable dollar amount for this privilege with no guaranteed delivery date. The service fee will be set by the Resort per request.

Ross Lake Resort offers water taxi service for hikers to/from trail heads on Ross Lake and will pick-up or drop-off a maximum of 6 passengers per trip anywhere on the lake. Please call 206-386-4437 for a quote or to make water taxi reservations. More information at

Ross Lake Resort is remote; phone/email service is limited. Ross Lake Resort reserves the right to modify or terminate services at its discretion. Please respect the uniqueness and care offered by the Resort.

Several lodging options and eating locations.

Post Office
9973 Mount Baker Highway
Deming, WA 98244
(360) 599-3208

Graham Store (Convenience store)
9989 Mt Baker Hwy
Deming, WA 98244
(360) 599-2665


  • Post Office
  • Supermarket
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

Post Office
45650 Main St Concrete, WA 98237
(360) 853-8311

Cascade Supply (hardware store)
45900 Main St Concrete, WA 98237
(360) 853-8811

Logger's Landing (Grocery store) More Stores west of down town.
45284 Washington 20 Concrete, WA 98237
(360) 853-8931

A short hitch on county roads from the trail. Home of PNT Headquarters. Several lodging options and eating locations and Grocery stores.

Pacific Northwest Trail Association Office
1851 Charles Jones Memorial Circle, Unit #4
North Cascades Gateway Center
Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284
(360) 854-9415

Many lodging options and eating locations and Grocery stores

ALGER, WA, 98226
After this point re-supplying via grocery stores becomes pretty easy as you're passing through towns a fair amount.

Anacortes is a large town with all services. Between Anacortes and Port Townsend are a lot of small towns and stores, re-supply is easy and you should not need more than a day or two of supplies. Finding someplace free to sleep is a little harder.

Oak Harbor is a large town with all services.


  • Post Office
  • Library
  • Free bus service Monday through Friday on all of Whidbey Island. You can catch the #6 bus at the Coupeville Ferry or at Hastie Lake/West Beach Road for a ride into Coupeville, then take the bus back to the trail.

Port Townsend is a large town with all services. The trail goes directly through downtown. Fun artist community - great town for a zero day.

  • Post Office
  • Youth Hostel
  • Hotels
  • Many restaurants and bars
  • Unique movie theater
  • Supermarkets. (Excellent bulk/dried food selection at the food co-op.)
  • Bus service from here to Seattle.

Post Office
1322 Washington St, Port Townsend, WA
(360) 379-2996

Henry Do it Best Hardware - Fuel
218 W Sims Way, Port Townsend, WA
(360) 385-5900

Sport Townsend (Outdoors store) – Canister Fuel & Gear
1044 Water St, Port Townsend, WA
(360) 379-9711

442 W Sims Way, Port Townsend, WA
(360) 385-2806

Food Co-Op
414 Kearney St, Port Townsend, WA
(360) 385-2883

Quality Food Center
515 Sheridan Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368
(360) 385-5251

Hostelling International
272 Battery Way, Port Townsend, WA 98368
(360) 385-0655

Jefferson Transit System
(360) 374-4104

Very little here, but a small store that you could do a desperate resupply out of. The store closed down for a few years. As of July 2014 it was reported that “Discovery Bay, WA store is back open! It has vegan, organic and even several gluten free options available. Ice cream, a few pastries, organic and local fruits and veggies.”

Discovery Bay Store  
282332 US-101
Port Townsend, WA 98368
(360) 385-3608

Limited Hours. Small grill, limited resupply options, but granola and candy bars for sale. Hitching to Port Angeles should be easy – every car leaving Hurricane Ridge must drive through PA.

NOTE: tent camping is extremely restricted around Hurricane Ridge due to popularity and fragile alpine ecosystem. No lodging in visitor center.

Port Angeles is a large town with all services including a hospital and Park Service HQ. Most hikers find themselves going through PA after completing their PNT hike en route back to Seattle.

  • Post Office
  • Youth Hostel
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Supermarkets
  • Camping and hiking gear
  • Olympic National Park HQ and Wilderness Information Center (Always call the WIC directly, the main line is for car tourists.)
  • Bus service from here to Seattle, Forks, Neah Bay, Sekiu, Port Townsend, etc.
  • Ferry to Victoria, BC

Olympic National Park Wilderness Information Center
(The WIC is located within the Visitor Center)
3002 Mt. Angeles Rd
Port Angeles, WA 98362
(360) 565-3100

ToadLily House International Hostel
Address: 105 E 5th St, Port Angeles, WA 98362
Phone:(360) 797-3797

"Swains Has Everything" General Store
602 E 1st St, Port Angeles, WA 98362
(360) 452-2357

Brown's Outdoor (Sporting goods)
112 W Front St, Port Angeles, WA 98362
(360) 457-4150

Clallam Transit System:
(360) 452-4511

FORKS, WA, 98331
Decent sized town. Hitch north from Highway 101.

  • Post Office
  • ONP Ranger Station is CLOSED
  • Supermarket and hardware store
  • Motels
  • Vampires and vampire accessories
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Bus service from here to Port Angeles, Port Townsend, etc.
  • Free camping at Hoh Oxbow campground, miles south of town, at intersection of Oil City Road and Hiway 101.

US Post Office
61 Spartan Ave, Forks, WA, 98331
(360) 374-6303

Forks Outfitters (Big Grocery Store; Hardware, clothing, camping gear, Bear Can Rental etc)
950 S Forks Ave Forks, WA 98331
(360) 374-6161

Olympic National Forest Ranger Station Pacific Ranger District-Forks
(NOTE: This is NOT the National Park Ranger! No bear cans and no permits! But they may have general info and maps.)
437 Tillicum Lane
Forks, WA 98331
(360) 374 6522

Clallam Transit System:
(360) 452-4511

LA PUSH, WA, 98350
Small village on an Indian Reservation. You must cross the Quillayute river here. Minimal supplies at a small store along a road walk into the town of La Push.

  • Post Office
  • Gas Station/ Mini Mart along PNT on walk into town
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel

To cross the river: Head down to the docks and check with the locals. Past hikers have been able to buy a shuttle across the river from fishermen for $5-10. Also check at the store for someone. Otherwise it’s a LONG walk around to the bridge (to the East) or attempt to hitch.

Post Office (Same building as the store)
500 Ocean Dr
La Push, WA 98350
(360) 374-5378

Lonesome Creek Store (Convenience Store at the Quileute Oceanside Resort)
490 Ocean Dr La Push, WA 98350
(360) 374-4338

Clallam Transit System (To Forks):
(360) 452-4511
There is also a Tribal Bus that will take you for Free.

This is the trailhead where most PNT hikers exit after reaching Cape Alava. You must hitch 20-ish miles to Sekiu or Clallam Bay (Hiway 112) in order to catch a bus to Port Angeles and points beyond. Luckily, it’s a popular trailhead, and most cars are driving all the way to PA.

  • Private campground with cabins, tent camping, showers, and a few provisions.

Lost Resort
20860 Hoko Ozette Rd Clallam Bay, WA 98326
(360) 963-2899

NEAH BAY, WA, 98357
Neah Bay is not officially part of the PNT, but some hikers choose to continue hiking north from Cape Alava all the way north to Cape Flattery.  If you do this, you are entering reservation land, and you should contact authorities in Neah Bay ahead of time to arrange for permits.

Aside from the opportunity to keep, hiking, there are two main advantages to hiking to Neah Bay: 1) You can hike and camp along the justifiably famous and inaccessible “Shi Shi Beach”, and 2) You can bus directly out of Neah Bay without a hitchhike.


  • Post Office
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery
  • Bus to Port Angeles, and points beyond.

US Post Office
Neah Bay, WA
(360) 963-2510

Washburn General Store (Grocery and Hardware Store)
1450 Bayview Ave Neah Bay, WA 98357
(360) 645-2211

Makah Public Transit (Around the reservation)

Clallam Transit System:
(360) 452-4511

This list shows automotive, hardware, and paint stores as possible fuel sources for alcohol stoves. 
If you are using a canister system, it is recommended to call ahead to possible stores, such as hardware, sporting goods, and even grocery stores.
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Re: Re-Supply List - Towns and Resources
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2015, 09:54:00 PM »
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Re: Re-Supply List - Towns and Resources
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2015, 04:39:32 AM »
Metaline Falls Community Library

Cutter Building
302 Park Street

P. O. Box 111
Metaline Falls, WA 99153

Desk: (509) 446-3232
Fax: (509) 446-2302

NUVU movie theater is open Friday through Monday on showing each evening at 7PM, theater opens at 6:30PM.
price is $8.00 for adults.

2 restaurants.
Cathy's from 5 am to 2 pm
5th Ave Bar and Grill 11 am to 11 pm
If you have questions about the Washington Hotel
check in at the 5th Ave Bar and Grill.  They usually know how to find the hotel owner.

Hardware store is closed due to retirement.
Nearest is Ione 8 miles south.
I am trying to keep a few things on hand for people.
Suggestions of possible needs would be appreciated.

People camp in my yard.
124 5th Ave E
Metaline Falls WA 99153

I have a porta potty.
bar b q
seasonal fresh produce
fire pit
tables and chairs for food prep, games or lounging
Charging station.

I have all the pieces for a solar shower.  Just trying to figure out the drainage issue.
I have a self powered washing machine ordered now.
Should be up for 2016

I hold packages for hikers.
I am hard to reach the last two weekends of July and the first two of August. 
If you think you might be coming in on those dates please give me a heads up.
The post office is not open on weekends for package retrieval.

Medical Clinic is 8 miles south.
Hospital is 45 miles south.

I ask for a donation to cover the cost of the porta poty, showers, fuel.
PNTA hikers can consider my yard their home while in Metaline Falls.

Mary Cates Pacific Northwest Trail Association Board Member
Metaline Falls Trail Angel
Owner Boundary Guided Kayak Tours and Rentals


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Re: Re-Supply List - Towns and Resources
« Reply #3 on: April 20, 2017, 09:29:02 AM »
Could someone provide a guesstimation of the mile markers of these trail towns? I totally get that this information is in the data books and you don't want people freeloading, but I am trying to get a feel for if a thru-hike would even be within the realm of possibility for me before I buy the books. The section east of Ross Lake looks especially long on the map...Thank you!

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Re: Re-Supply List - Towns and Resources
« Reply #4 on: April 21, 2017, 11:35:05 PM »
Could someone provide a guesstimation of the mile markers of these trail towns? I totally get that this information is in the data books and you don't want people freeloading, but I am trying to get a feel for if a thru-hike would even be within the realm of possibility for me before I buy the books. The section east of Ross Lake looks especially long on the map...Thank you!

You can guestimate using this map. From the "location type" dropdown menu, select "mail drop/resupply". Then click the small link that says "show distances."

You should be able to hover over the map and get a sense of distances between town stops and road crossings.