Author Topic: Bridge Washout / Trail closed  (Read 496 times)


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Bridge Washout / Trail closed
« on: December 23, 2016, 04:36:54 AM »
East to West, Mile # 1001.0.0, Hwy 20 and 101 Jct.  (Fat Smitty's restaurant).  If taking the alternate route to the North (W Uncas Rd), there is a section of the trail that is washed out and not passable.  Approxamitly 15 mile from this point to the Grey Wolf River.  Using the maps provided by the PNT website, look for block 31.  There is a junction in the road.  The road crosses the Grey Wolf River and then to a trail head.  Do not take this trail head.  4 miles in there is suppose to be a bridge, this bridge washed out a while back and there is absolutely no alternative, it is a must turn around.  I personally hiked to this point in Sept. 2016.  From my understanding, the Forest service does not have any plans to fix this bridge any time soon.

If you continue following the road to Slab Camp Trail head, that trail will take you back to the PNT.
Mike (Batman) Hylton