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Get Involved

Whether you have 5 minutes or five days, we've got a way for you to get involved with the Pacific Northwest Trail Association community.

Here are 10 ways you can make a difference:

  1. Donate!  Your gift maintains and protects the Trail and allows the PNTA to continually advocate for the PNT.  Donate now!
  2. Become a member.  Our members make us who we are.  For every new person that joins, the PNT is one step closer to completion and protection. Join today with our easy online form. 
  3. Volunteer. Volunteers like you have the opportunity to try almost anything - from grant writing, program support, and trail work.  We invite you to share your skills with our community. 
  4. Fundraise for the trail.  Whether it's through AmazonSmile or Razoo, fundraising for the PNT is a fun and powerful way to engage others.  Learn more about how you can start your own fundraising campaign to share your passions with friends and family. 
  5. Attend an event. Events are a great way to educate yourself and others about the PNT.  View our calendar for an event near you.  
  6. Sign up for the Newsletter.  Our monthly Newsletter is full of user submitted pictures, trail updates and important information.  Stay updated and sign up today! 
  7. Partner with us.  Through collaborations and partnerships, we can continually improve the PNT.  Explores ways that we can work together to mutually accomplish our missions and goals. 
  8. Give a presentation.  A presentation of your time on the PNT brings the trail to your community and shows others the wonders and beauty that you experienced.  Contact us with your presentation ideas and we'll be sure to share with the community.  
  9. Learn about the PNT.  The Pacific Northwest Trail is a national landmark and one of the most beautiful and rugged National Scenic Trails in country.  And it is yours to enjoy.  Learn more about the diversity of landscapes and opportunities available for hikers, bikers and equestrians. 
  10. Follow us on social media.  Join the conversation by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr accounts.  Share our page with others and get involved by using the hashtag #crowntocoast.