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Priority Projects

We work tirelessly to improve the outdoor recreation experience offered by the Pacific Northwest Trail. We build and maintain trail, provide resources to our users, collaborate with other NGOs and engage local communities in this outstanding recreational resource.

2017 marks an exciting year in PNT history. Priority projects include:

  • Celebrating our 40 Year Anniversary

In 2017, we intend to look back at the history of the Pacific Northwest Trail by honoring the dedicated volunteers, advocates and PNTA members whose work brought the PNNST into being. Please also join us in celebrating the future of this outstanding National Scenic Trail. We will announce these exciting events throughout 2017. You can learn more by joining our newsletter and checking our events calendar.

  • Providing new resources to our users

We will provide a new map set updated for 2017. We will continue to update our website with resources like our helpful forums, hosted here and on Facebook. We will give a series of community outreach presentations, informational open house events and more.

  • Engaging with the communities along our trail corridor

We will continue to participate in the regional sub-committee planning process to establish the ideal route of the PNT. We will also meet with local community members and business owners to raise awareness of this recreational asset in their communities.

  • Continue developing the Comprehensive Plan for future management of the PNNST

    The U.S. Forest Service is leading the development of the long-term management plan for the Pacific Northwest Trail. We’ll be working with the U.S. Forest Service and other federal agencies (like the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and United States Fish and Wildlife Service) to enhance the PNNST and to ensure future generations have the same quality of experience.