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Service Knowledge Youth (SKY)

Through participation in day-long outdoor educational or week-long campouts, Service Knowledge Youth Participants help with trail maintenance and construction, campground restoration, and restoration and mitigation projects.

Service Knowledge Youth (SKY) Participants achieve personal growth, learn teamwork and goal setting skills, build Wilderness Stewardship and Leave-No-Trace Ethics, and reap the rewards of personal and group accomplishments.  The SKY Programs are a blend of paid employment and volunteer community service experience!  The SKY Program is also part of the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps, a federal program though the Departments of Agriculture and Interior.

It costs about $100.00 per day to fund one young person on the trail crew!  If you are interested in supporting this worthwhile program, donations to the program can be made on here.

The SKY Education Program

The program works with youth ages 14 – 18 from local alternative schools that specialize in reaching students who are struggling socially, economically, or academically.  It provides youth with an opportunity to spend time out-of-doors, learn about the environment through education and trail stewardship.  Students can earn up to two school credits, which helps them move on to the next grade or graduate.  All students are required to make a presentation to their peers, parents, and community about the significance of their experience on the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail.  Students are also compensated for their work through grants and private donations.

SKY Performance Crews

The SKY Performance Crews arose out of demand from students who completed, and were no longer eligible for the SKY Education Program.  Youth in this program are fully compensated and are expected to perform at a high level on the trail maintenance projects they undertake.  They go through First Aid/CPR training, food handling and safety, tool maintenance and safety, trail building and maintenance techniques, and camping.  These crews normally work 10-days on with 4-days off, from backcountry spike camps.  Funding for this program comes from grants and contracts!

SKY Quilcene Ranger Corps

SKY Quilcene Ranger Corps provides students 13-15 years of age with part-time summer employment.  Students work two days a week for an eight week session.  SKY Quilcene Ranger Crops is a partnership with the Washington State University 4-H Program, the United States Forest Service, and Jefferson County. Work focuses on trail building, maintenance and restoration work, with a special emphasis on skill refinement and teamwork. This program was started by the United States Forest Service in the mid-1990s and then taken over by the Pacific Northwest Trail Association in 2001.

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